Biding Potential

Thus far, the SC Men’s Gymnastics team has two meets under its belt (away at the Navy Open, and home vs. Temple). Our showing at Navy left quite a bit to be desired. However, we did make a marked improvement in just one week between the two meets despite still falling somewhat short against the Temple Owls.

If there’s one positive thing that we can take from the two meets we’ve had, it’s that we have all been reaffirmed of just how much sheer potential there is in our team this year. We have been short a few of our key competitors due to injury, and those who we’ve used in their place have very notably stepped up and shown how deep and diverse we are as a whole.

This coming weekend we have the West Point Open where we will face the Black Knights of Army for the first time this season. There is no doubt in my mind that this week leading up to it we will have a continued drive to improve, and soon we will reach the potential that I know we have.

Until then, I hope you all enjoy the following promotional video filmed and created by the team captains, myself and Rich Ruggiero. Go, Pride, Fight!